Fall News

October – November 2020 News

 We hope that everyone has a “Sense-sational” Fall!  Senses will be the focus of our next unit.  The unit will run from October 5 – November 29, 2020.  The children will discover all the amazing abilities that God has given to us.  The gift of Sight to see God’s beautiful world He created for us to live in. The Gift of Taste to enjoy all the variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and dairy that God has provided for us to nourish our bodies.  The Gift of Touch to experience the feel of our mother’s hand in ours.   The Gift of Smell to breathe in the fragrance of the flowers and the salty sea air.  The Gift of Hearing to be able to hear the voices of those we love and to hear God’s word. 

Throughout the unit, the children will enjoy experiences that focus on the various senses we have.  You can join in the fun and discuss the different senses with your child each week.  This is a great time to introduce some new foods to children.  Taste, Texture, and Smell are key in the successful introduction of food. 

The Faith Formation focus of the unit covers the concept of Sin.  While this may seem like a heavy topic to discuss with children, it is a natural part of learning about the world we live in and how to decide what to do.  Through modeling and discussion, the children are taught the difference between wrong and right choices and the consequences that they bring.  “The Character Kids” are a great way to demonstrate good choices and can also be used to guide the discussions about what would happen if a different or bad choice was made. 

Children will also discuss All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Since we are all saints in the making, we will look at the lives of some of the saints. We will discover that not all of their choices were right, but through God’s mercy, they were able to  overcome their human faults and become the saints we look to for example of ways to serve the Lord.  All Souls Day is a day of remembering those that have gone on before us.  Everyone can bring in a picture of a loved one that we want to remember and share with the class.

Halloween is around the corner and it will look a bit different this year.  Due to the COVID restrictions, we will not be trick-or-treating class to class.  Instead, each class will have an in-class party to celebrate.  Please be on the lookout for your child’s class information.  Each class will send home individual details for their event.

Since we are not able to be together for our Annual Turkey Pot Pie Luncheon, we are holding a “Share the Bounty” food drive for Thanksgiving Dinner Items for 10 needy families.  SHECC will provide the turkeys for the families.  We are asking for donations of non-perishable items such as Instant Mashed Potatoes, gravy or gravy mix, Stove Top Stuffing, green beans, French fried onions, cream of Mushroom soup, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce,  and Pumpkin Pies (frozen).  We would like to deliver these items to the families on November 20, 2020.  We are grateful for any donations that anyone can give to help others. 

I want to personally thank everyone for your patience and adaption to the COVID rules.  We are striving to balance keeping everyone safe and the facility sanitized while still allowing the children to play and have fun.  I do need to remind everyone of a few rules that are getting stretched a bit. 

  • We ask that everyone please have your children at the center by 9:30. The teachers begin morning circle and instruction time by 9:00 am and it is important for the children to be there.
  • We also want to remind everyone that breakfast is an important meal that needs to be served at home.
  • We are also asking that toys, and blankets are not brought to and from school. Stuffed toys are not easily sanitized and are at this moment not allowed in childcare centers. Each child has a blanket and mat cover in their basket that is washed and kept here at the center to cut down on possible cross contamination.    
  • Lastly, and most importantly, please close and lock the gates when you are coming in and going out in the morning and in the afternoon. Children’s Safety is our priority, and we ask for everyone’s diligence in helping keep our kids safe.

The teachers hope that you are finding the Weekly Peeks and the REMIND app useful tools for communication about your child’s class.  We are seeking feedback on both communication platforms.  We would appreciate any suggestions you may have for improvements. 

We hope everyone enjoyed the Nancy Daniels Online Fundraiser and were able to find some great deals.  I personally loved the glass bowls with lids!  I cannot wait to use them.  Thank you to everyone that was able to take part.

In honor of All Souls Day, Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center’s “Buy a Brick” fundraiser will run through December 1, 2020.  Please visit https://www.sacredheartecc.com/buy-a-brick/ for more information.  The bricks are a wonderful way to remember someone special or leave a lasting memory here at our school.

We have had a lot of families inquiring about the beef sticks we sold last school year. We are happy to report that will be ordering them again so stay tuned for upcoming information. If you were one of our big sellers last year or personally want to pick up a large supply of specific flavors, please let Susie know right away. These make great stocking stuffers.

Please mark your calendars.  Sacred Heart ECC will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 in Observance of Thanksgiving. 

There are NO VPK Only Classes the Week of November 23-27, 2020. We will have care for Wrap Around and School Age children Monday thru Wednesday.

We pray that all our families have a Safe and Fun Halloween and a Blessed Thanksgiving with their families. 

Ms. Cindie and SHECC Staff