IMPORTANT: NEW Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

May 29, 2020

Re: Reopening Procedures

Dear Parents,

The Teachers and I are so happy to be able to reopen on Monday, June 1, 2020.  We are looking forward to seeing all the children return.  In an effort to help the reopening go smoothly, please read the drop off and pick up procedures below.


ALL Children will be screened and signed in at the main entrance.  Please read the daily screening questions and procedures attached to this letter.  

Once your child has been screened and signed in, they will be escorted to their classroom if they are in the main building.  If they are a VPK or Summer camper, they will receive a sticker and you will be able to take them to the door of the school age building.   All VPK Children will enter at Ms. Ida’s front door.

Summer campers have two entrances.  The front door or back door depending on which section they will be working in for the day.  There will be a chart located on the sign in sheet for summer campers indicating which entrance your child should use.  


When picking up your child at the main building for ages One through Pre-school II, please use the afternoon gate entrance to access the sidewalks around the building to your child’s classroom back door.  Infants may be picked up at the front entrance baby room door.

*For Ms. Jenn’s and Ms. Katie’s classes you may go through the playground gate or you may use the lighted shed pass-through to reach your child’s room.  

The VPK Children will exit at Ms. Ida’s Front Door.

Summer campers will exit from the door of their section that they are in.  The summer camper sign out sheet will be located at the front entrance of the school age building.  If they are exiting from the back door, parents may meet them at the door.

The pick-up procedures are as follows:

Pick-up Procedure

  1. Knock LOUDLY on door.
  2. The teacher will acknowledge that you were seen by tapping on the door window.
  3. Sign your child out while the teacher gets your child ready to go home.
  4. The teacher will open the door and help your child out. Please maintain social distancing.
  5. Communication concerning your child is important to us. Due to the current 1:9 ratio and proper supervision needs in the classroom, your teacher will not be able to have an extended conversation at pickup. Please feel free to call during the day to speak with the teacher or make an appointment to meet in person.

Thank you for your patience!

Please remember that all children need indoor shoes such as crocs and socks and outdoor play shoes for the playground.  Please bring a change of clothes for all children as any clothing that was left here may be too small now. 

We ask for your patience as we screen everyone and work through the new procedures.

God Bless and See you on Monday!

Ms. Cindie and Staff