APPLE Parent Survey

Dear Parents and Families,

I pray that all of you are safe and healthy and that the time until we can all be together again is short. If, like me, you have been taking this time to reflect on the world, what I have noticed is kindness, love and the adaptability and ingenuity of the people in the community that we live in.

I hope that everyone is utilizing and enjoying the online videos and resources that the teachers and Tracey have been posting. We are learning quickly how to make hands on learning in a virtual world. We have decided that once we return to school, we will continue posting videos on our Distance Learning page so that families can have a better connection to the lessons at school and follow up with activities at home. We would love feedback from everyone as to what works and what you would still like to have. Thank you for everyone that has been posting videos of your families and children participating in the activities. Keep them coming!

In January, the center embarked on the journey of APPLE Accreditation. The teachers, staff and I believe that a quality center and pre-school should always strive to improve in any way possible. That includes teacher education and training on the latest child development, maintaining the facility and making improvements to the playgrounds and classrooms, implementing the highest standards possible and being accountable for upholding them. Part of that process is listening to families concerns and ideas for the future. This is a key component in what we consider the ultimate partnership between school and families and we want to hear from you. We have a parent survey for our families, and we ask that you please complete it and return it as soon as possible. The survey can be downloaded below.

While it may be unusual to ask for feedback during a shutdown, I believe that the answers provided can be used to help us reopen even better than prior to the quarantine. We want to know what your families post COVID-19 situation may be. How can we as a community school meet your possible future needs? Not everyone knows what their situation might be. However, if we start planning now for different scenarios, we can help each other get back on our feet and make sure we are providing for your family’s needs and the best educational outcomes for all of the children.

All the teachers have asked me to tell you how much they miss you and the children. They cannot wait to see all their smiling faces again. Thank you all for being the wonderful families of Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a Blessed Easter.

Love and Prayers,


*Complete the survey, download and save completed survey to your desktop, and then attach to an email and send to