September 2013 Newsletter


Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center


Children are our Ministry

Director, Toni Watkins                                          Pastor, Fr. Krzysztof Gazdowicz



September 2                  SHECC CLOSED (Labor Day)

September 16               Cookie Dough Fundraiser     Ends

September 16-20          Scholastic Book Fair


Upcoming Dates to Remember

October     10          SAS Closed

October 19-20   Rattlesnake Festival

October     21          SAES Closed,      TPD

TBD                            Fall Photos



May the Lord Bless You and     Keep You.


We welcome all of our families to join us for weekly     mass on:

Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. or

Sundays at 8:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.













Our Cookie Dough fundraiser is the most delicious fundraiser we have.  Each family that sells at least 6 items will be entered in a $100.00 tuition credit drawing.  All orders need to be turned in on or before September 16th.   BONUS!  For every 12 items sold, you will receive a tub of Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzel!!!





Welcome back to the new school year!  For those of you who are new to SHECC, I am Ms. Linda.  I taught the two year olds, but now I am happy to be with your wonderful babies.  I just love them all.


Carson is trying to crawl.  Although she has not perfected it as of now, she still is able to get wherever she wants to go.

Sebastian has started to turn over.  He likes to talk himself to sleep and will give you a great big smile if you have a chat with him.

Welcome Demi.  We are very excited to have you here with us and look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Nicholas and Zachary are getting around very well.  They are pulling up on everything.  They have started to master picking up finger foods and drinking out of a sippy cup.

Lily is walking all over.  She is starting to talk and is able to say no-no and ABE.  She also knows her animal sounds.

David is crawling all over the place.  He is pulling up on things and will reach for things on the back of the shelf.  He loves to be outside.


We were sad to say goodbye to William.  He moved to the one year old room.  We will miss him, but know that he will have a great time with Ms. Rita.


This month we are working on our fine motor skills by picking up finger foods, holding sippy cups, finger painting and smearing.  We are also trying different snack foods to see what we like.  The babies love their outdoor time.  They love exploring their world and discovering new things.


Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for your donations of snacks and wipes.

Thank you to Natalie’s Grandpa for building us a new swing set.  We LOVE it.  Have a wonderful month.


Ms. Linda    Ms. Teresa     Ms. Phyllis



Welcome to a new school year.  Summer has been fun with water play days.  As we say goodbye to the dog days of summer and start the new school year we welcome William from the baby room.  We will miss Carson as he ventures to the two-year-old room.


We have some birthdays this month.  Brice, Canyon and Marco will all be celebrating their second birthday.  I am so blessed to have been a small part in their beautiful lives and it has been amazing watching them grow and develop.  They are all so smart.  Carson, Brice, Canyon and Marco- you will always have a special place in my heart.  Ms. Rita loves you!!


This month we will be talking about how God has blessed us with people in our community to help us, like police officers and women, firefighters and women as well as mail carriers and women.  We will talk about the different places we go in our community like school, church, stores and restaurants.  We will also talk about our school and our beautiful friends.

Thank you for the monthly donations of wipes, powder, juice and snacks.

Thank you again for entrusting us with your beautiful children.


Ms. Rita Ms. Ashley Ms. Sandy Ms. Pearl


Welcome to a new and exciting year in the Yellow Room!  I am so excited to have Zaydin, Josue, Colin, Carson, Carlson, Annabelle, and Adam in the TERRIFIC TWO’s.


Over the coming year we will follow the yellow brick road of learning around curves, up and down hills, as well as through days that are wet, dry, humid, hot, warm, cool, and cold (sometimes all in the same day).  Through it all we will work together to learn our social skills such as being kind to each other, walking inside, treating the toys kindly, and keeping our feet on the floor at all times.  We will be doing activities inside our classroom and outside routinely, from quiet things such as individual and group reading, puzzles, and sorting, to the loud stuff such as marching, singing, and dancing.  We also have daily sensory activities that can include water, rice, oatmeal, beans, play dough, bubbles, shaving cream, as well as anything else that I can dream up.


We will be tackling potty training on an individual basis.


We really appreciate the monthly snack and baby wipe donations.  The children really enjoy the variety of different tastes and textures from the selection of snacks.  If you ever need any ideas for something different to bring, I have a list of ideas on the bulletin board with extra copies available for you to take.  I also post the weekly lesson plans on the bulletin board, so if you have a book or other item at home that would fit in with our theme, feel free to bring it in to share. However, I do ask that you put the child’s name on it and let a teacher know they brought it in from home.


I thank you for entrusting your child to our center and to me personally, they are all such a joy.  May we have a blessed year in the Yellow Room, throughout our center, and throughout your lives!


Ms. Shelley




Welcome!  We have had a wonderful start to this year.  I think we have set a firm foundation of trust and respect, which will lead to a very successful year.  Everyone is very eager to learn.


The last few weeks the children have explored and investigated everything in the class and on the playground.  This week we are going to talk about our feelings and our friends feelings.  The next week we will learn about our five senses.  We will have lots of fun using our senses and documenting our experiences.  The third week in September we are going to talk about our families.  Please bring in a family photo that can be displayed on our wall.  The last week we will learn what community helpers are and how they help us.


I would like to welcome Quinn and Elena to our class.


Thank you to Annabelle and Genevieve’s families for donating Playdoh.  Also, thank you to Nicholas’ family for donating markers, glue, construction paper, copy paper and stickers.  Thank you to everyone who brought in snack and wipes.


Please remember to check ALL LABELS and avoid any product which contains peanuts, tree nuts or was processed in a factory that contains these products.


Happy Birthday to Triton, Samuel and Mason.


Have a wonderful month.


Ms. Vicki      Ms. Mary      Ms. Alyssa



I would like to welcome all of you to a new school year.  The children have been adjusting well these past few weeks.  On August20th, we started going to the Church.  The children are doing a wonderful job listening to our Bible story and singing songs.  We will continue going to church every Tuesday at 9:45.  On Wednesdays at 10:00, we have music class.  This is one of our favorite activities.


This month our themes are My Feelings, My Senses, My Family/Home and My Community.  Some of the activities we will be working on are listening to stories that help teach what to do when you feel angry, using our senses to learn about our environment, sharing pictures and stories about our families and learning about our community.


One of the skills we will be focusing on is self-help.  The children are encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves.  Some of the things we encourage are putting on their own shoes, pulling on their own pants and opening certain items at lunch and snack.  We will of course help if your child is having difficulties.  Another skill we are focusing on is fine motor.  Throughout the day, the children have the opportunity to tear or cut paper, play with play dough, explore the sand and rice and use tweezers to pick up objects.  These are all activities that help build their finger muscles, which will help, get them ready to hold a pencil and use scissors.


Finally, I would like to thank everyone that brought in snacks and supplies last month.


Please take a look at our Cookie Dough Fundraiser.  It is a delicious one.  In addition, our Book Fair is coming this month.


Ms. Liliana      Ms. Lexie




Welcome September! Everyone has adjusted to our VPK schedule.  The children are coming in ready to start the day.  The transition in the early morning and late afternoon is flowing smooth.  I would like to thank everyone who was able to help provide school supplies for our classroom.


We will begin our month with a Unit on Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes.  We will spend two weeks counting, sorting, reviewing and exploring each of these study topics.  This will give us a chance to assess each child and make each learning activity fit their needs.


Our FALL Unit will begin with APPLES and OUR FIVE SENSES.  We will be learning a couple of new songs, listen to and make some special apple counting books, and enjoy tasting some apple products.  The last week of the month we will begin talking about FALL and review our colors.  We will learn what our primary colors are and begin learning our color words.


We are using the Creative Curriculum in our classroom.  This curriculum supports the FL Early Learning and Developmental Standards.  Age appropriate activities in all areas of social, cognitive, emotional and physical will be presented in ways to interest the children and encourage them to explore the world around them.


Our Seeds program will begin on September 23 with lessons from:  Luke 16:10-13 & Luke 16:19-31.  Pflaum Gospel Weeklies (Seeds) now offers an on-line guide for parents at


Our curriculum includes indoor/outdoor art and sand/water play daily.  Children should wear closed toe shoes with rubber soles for running and climbing.

Snack time is an important part of our day.  Wrap-around children eat two snacks daily.  Please remember when sending in your monthly snack that we are a Peanut Free center.  Please check all labels.  Each week we will have a food prep activity.   A sign-up sheet will be posted on our clipboard.

Reminders for this month:

  • Beef O Brady’s night (2nd Tues of each month)
  • Cookie Dough Fund Raiser
  • Scholastic Book Fair

Please remember to check your child’s folder daily.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Ms. Kathy   Ms. Katie    Ms. Becky






Welcome to the 2013-2014 VPK School Year! We have many exciting plans and are looking forward to getting to know you and your child.


Please SIGN your child “IN and OUT” EVERYDAY. We are required by law to have your signature and time of arrival and departure, every day.  If anyone other than persons listed on the approved pick up list will be picking up your child we MUST have a written note.


We will have VPK from 9:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 pm. Please make sure that your child is at school on time. Our Class is the first class to go outside in the morning. This is an important time for children.  They are using their large muscles by running and pedaling bikes and they are developing their eye hand coordination, which is crucial for writing by throwing and catching balls and climbing on the monkey bars. They are gaining an understanding of math and science concepts by working in the sand and water and they are gaining social skills by practicing negotiation over bikes and toys.


We will go outside everyday weather permitting. Please dress your child in non- slip shoes. Flip- Flops, sandals and slick bottom boots are not safe on the climbing equipment. Please dress your child in weather appropriate play clothes that can get dirty. We DO get messy. We want the children to feel free to explore their environment without worry about dirt, mud, water, paint or glue getting on their “good” clothes.


Please label EVERYTHING.  We ask that each child bring a complete change of labeled clothing in a Ziploc bag to keep at school in case of accidents. I will return these to you at the change of the seasons for an updated bag.


Our schedule for the week is as follows:

 Tuesday we will go to the Church and listen to a Bible Stories from “SEEDS Weekly Gospels” and sing songs. During this fellowship, we will learn about God’s love from stories out of the Old and New Testaments. The stories read in church will be followed up in class by activities from our Seeds program which will begin on September 23 with lessons from:  Luke 16:10-13 & Luke 16:19-31.  Pflaum Gospel Weeklies (Seeds) now offers an on-line guide for parents at

Wednesday we have Music Enrichment.  The use of rhythm activities helps with pre-reading activities as the children practice with flow and pattern of sounds they begin to make the connection to speech, language and reading.

Thursday is our Food Experience Day. Sr. Donna always has something yummy for the children to create.  Please watch for the ingredient sign- up sheet for items that we need.

Classroom Computer the children will use the computer to enhance skills and ideas from the week.  We use the “Young Explorer” Curriculum which includes Millie’s Math House, Bailey’s Book House, Sammy’s Science House, Trudy’s Time and Place House and Thinking Things.


The children will also have a writing Journal. The children will use this journal to record activities and events special to them. In addition to the journal, we will have daily activities that include Math and Language activities, Dramatic Play to enhance our social skills, Block play for math and Science applications, Table games to practice literacy and counting and social skills, Art for creative expression and science and many more.


Thank you for your monthly snack donation.

We are always happy to have Birthday Celebrations in our classroom throughout the year. Please let me know if you want to bring in a special snack or cupcakes for your child’s birthday.


Allergies!!!!!!All Food must be PEANUT FREE. This includes foods processed in a factory that manufactures peanut products.

If you are not sure, please err on the side of caution and don’t bring it. If your child has food or environmental allergies please make sure to list it on your child’s emergency card and please let us know.


Other special events through- out the year will be posted in the classroom. Please be sure to check the parent board for information.

Reminders for this month:

  • Beef O Brady’s night (2nd Tues of each month)
  • Cookie Dough Fund Raiser
  • Scholastic Book Fair

Please remember to check your child’s folder daily.


Ms. Cindie            Sr. Donna



Hello parents and children. We are so happy to have all of you here. It is September already!  The kids are beginning to settle into the school routine. We are hoping the weather will cool off a little. I know the kids are looking forward to it.


This month we will be talking about “On the Farm”; Apples; Reading and Poems. The children can bring in their favorite book to share with us.

Important reminders: If your child will not be on the bus in the afternoon PLEASE call the Center or send a note to inform us.

Please sign your child IN and OUT every day with a full signature and the time.

Thank you to all the parents that sent in a snack to share.


Important Dates to Remember

  • Beef O Brady’s night (2nd Tues of each month)
  • Cookie Dough Fund Raiser
  • Scholastic Book Fair

Please remember to check your child’s folder daily.


We want to wish Ms. Susie “Good Luck” in her new position in our Front Office.  We will miss her; however, we can just go next door to visit! We know she will do a fantastic job!


Have a great month!


Ms. Debbie        Ms. Laura  

Ms. Cindie      Ms. Lexie




In today’s mail, there was an offer for a newsletter insert for parents about faith.  One of the highlighted areas caught my eye – it said, “You don’t have to have all the answers.”  I thought, that’s an important message – whether you are the parents of an infant, toddler, preschooler or young teen.  Often, parents feel as if they must have all the answers or they are not a good enough parent.  Not so!  You don’t always have to have all the answers.

How do you get the answers you want?   There are so many ways – you could ask your pediatrician, a trusted friend, our experienced staff, goggle it, or refer to childcare manuals.  Chances are that you will receive a different answer from each person.  Trust your own judgment.


After 29 years, you would think that the beginning of a school year wouldn’t be so exciting – but it is.  The children are always so excited to venture into a new classroom, a new building, and experience new teachers.  There is some anxiety about the new transition, but for the most part, children handle it very well.  They recognize a caring, nurturing environment and are comfortable with new surroundings.        This is not always so for parents – it’s not easy adjusting to new teachers and the way the new classroom operates.  We understand that and invite you to discuss any and all questions or concerns with us.  We thank you for trusting the care and education of your child/ren to us.


Some things that are NOT in any manual.  (Some of these are just Toni’s pet peeves)


** Cigarette butts in the parking lot – please

keep them in your car.  A child could pick these up and place them in their mouth.

** Children not in car seats.  If you don’t have a car seat, there are organizations that will give you one.  All preschool and younger children should be in some form of safety seat AND in the back seat of your car.

** Being on a cell phone while you are picking up children.  If you must be on your phone, please end your call before you pick your child up.  Smile at your child and speak to them – let them know you are happy to see them.

** Dress and act appropriately.  We are a Christian center and do not want the children exposed to inappropriate dress or behavior.


We were blessed this summer with the arrival of a new pastor – Fr. Krzysztof Gazdowicz.  Fr. Krzysztof is here for Mass during the weekends and will soon be residing in our parish rectory.


If your child is new to our center, they will be telling you about our fire drills and weather drills.  These are held each month and prepare all of us in the event of a real emergency.  We do them in a non-threatening way and the children always do well.


Needed: We need/want a little tykes toddler cube with a slide for climbing.  Ours were very old and becoming brittle.  If you child has outgrown theirs, please consider giving it to our children.    Thank you



“Children Are Our Ministry”


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